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Flyp.me a unique proposal for privacy

Bitcoin was born more than 10 years ago. And one of the main ones I wanted to introduce in the financial system is the privacy and anonymity of the users. As there are not enough services to live entirely with Bitcoin, the exchanges emerged. Exchanges are very useful, but they ...

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Spurring Smart Contract Ecosystem Development – Ontology and Polkadot – Business Partnerships

Ontology recently announced its new partnership with the Polkadot Ecosystem Project, a sharded blockchain that easily links multiple chains together into one network. Polkadot Ecosystem is partnering with Ontology, an open-source blockchain that focuses on digital data and identity. With this partnership, Ontology will contribute to the underlying infrastructure of ...

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Bitcoin Cash Faction Prolongs November Feud

Key Takeaways A Bitcoin Cash subfaction called Voluntarism.dev attacked the coin’s ABC fork this week. The conflict is over a feature that distributes 8% of all mining rewards to a development fund. The attack has not permanently damaged BCHABC. Share this article Rogue members of the Bitcoin Cash community have ...

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