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Bitcoin Traders Expect Volatility as Options Expire

Key Takeaways Bitcoin’s price dropped below $30,000 yesterday, raising concerns of further price volatility. Options traders bought put orders at strike prices of $30,000 and $28,000 to hedge against further short-term downfall. Market data shows heightened volatility expectations ahead of options volume expirations worth $3.5 billion next week. Share this ...

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Gaming Giant Atari Doubles Down on Ethereum, Joins Decentraland

Key Takeaways Atari is joining the Ethereum-based virtual gaming world Decentraland. Classic Atari games will be available to play, alongside new community-created games. Atari’s cryptocurrency Atari Token will be used in the game. Share this article One of the world’s biggest gaming companies is joining Decentraland. Atari classics will be ...

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Blockchain News – ICOCalendar.Today

Bitcoin is once again in the news, the subject of internet chatter, and watercoolor talk. It is for the first time also the darling of Wall Street, beating out every other financial asset under the sun. The media blitz, rising price, and widespread FOMO has those who have lost Bitcoin ...

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