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Digital identity is the future, US congressman Bill Foster says

Speaking at the online launch event for the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association on Friday — a Chicago-based group focused on regulatory clarity and industry security — U.S. Representative Bill Foster explained the importance of a “secure digital identity.”  “You can have the most rock-solid cryptographic guarantees of a blockchain ...

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who will win the digital currency war?

Co-founder and managing partner at Electric Capital, Avichal Garg, is convinced the only way for the U.S. to catch up with China in the digital currency war is by embracing privacy-focused cryptocurrency. According to Garg, the Chinese are already far ahead of the U.S. in the digital currency race – ...

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OneCoin movie starring Kate Winslet coming soon

Even as the OneCoin Ponzi scheme makes its way through the courts, a movie about it is now in development with a Titanic lead star.  As reported by Deadline, Kate Winslet has signed on to star and produce Fake!, a movie based on an unpublished book by Jen McAdam and ...

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