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Crypto.com Launches Supercharger Giveaway Sweepstakes – Product Release & Updates

Crypto.com Launches Supercharger Giveaway Sweepstakes

Crypto fintech platform Crypto.com has announced the launch of another exciting giveaway on its platform.

Sponsored by MCO Malta DAX Limited, users do not need to make any form of purchase to be eligible to take part in the Crypto.com sweepstakes dubbed “Supercharger Giveaway.” Purchasing any form of crypto on the fintech platform will in no way improve a user’s odds of winning.

Participation is also only possible via the social media platform Twitter. To participate, users need to own both a Crypto.com and a Twitter account. Despite this important fact, the sweepstakes giveaway is in no way sponsored by Twitter. The entire campaign is solely funded and endorsed by Crypto.com.

For interested persons with a Twitter account but no Crypto.com account, you will need to open one. To do this, interested users should visit the fintech platform’s website or download the Crypto.com App.

The Supercharger Giveaway sweepstakes campaign started today September 30, at 8:00am (UTC) and is slated to end on October 30, 2020. This timeline has been tagged as the “Sweepstakes Period.” The fintech platform will be giving out $20,000 worth of Bitcoin to 20 users during the sweepstakes period. Each selected winner will receive $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. Prizes will furthermore be deposited at most two weeks after the sweepstakes period.

Crypto.com Supercharger Giveaway sweepstakes entry requirements

To participate, users need to:

  • Follow the Crypto.com official twitter account.
  • Like the fintech’s platform original sweepstakes post on Twitter.
  • Retweet the post.
  • Input their Crypto.com referral link in their Twitter bio.

It is imperative to note that each participant can only win once in this giveaway.

Sweepstakes winners will be randomly selected. The chances of winning are solely dependent on the number of entries received via Twitter. If a selected entry does not fulfil all the requirements to participate, the application is automatically withdrawn and the prize forfeited.

Winners will be notified on Twitter via a direct message. Selected users will also be asked to send in some important details like their full name, email address, etc.

A user who cannot be contacted after several attempts to reach him/her will forfeit the prize winnings. The same applies to users who fail to respond to winner notifications within three days.

More details of the campaign

The Crypto.com Supercharger Giveaway sweepstakes is bound by several important rules. To participate, users need to adhere strictly to these rules. One such rule is that users should, at no point, tag or make derogatory and offensive comments. Users should also ensure strict adherence to the entry policies of Crypto.com and Twitter or risk disqualification. Also, entries made using a “private” Twitter account will immediately be disqualified.

Find out more about sweepstakes official rules here.

In other news, the crypto fintech platform also recently added 37 new tokens to its DeFi wallet.

Find out more about Crypto.com on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.

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