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How to add https in btc-rpc-explorer? : Bitcoin

Hi everyone, I installed btc-rpc-explorer on my Linux, it’s working and whoever had the idea of ​​carrying out and maintaining this project is to be congratulated!

However, when accessing the address (localhost: 3002) there is no https that allows an encrypted and secure connection. Is there any way to do that? Remembering that I am totally about internet protocols, but if someone explains it right I will surely learn.

The other question I have is about browsing bitcoin addresses on btc-rpc-explorer, it is not possible to search for addresses, only TXs, when I click on an address it shows only basic information and QR code, but it does not show the transactions that happened on that Address

When I click on the address it says that I must configure an address API like an Electrum Server … Does anyone who has managed to do this know to inform me if it is easy?


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