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Introducing Passport, an open source Bitcoin hardware wallet by Foundation Devices : Bitcoin

r/Bitcoin - Introducing Passport, an open source Bitcoin hardware wallet by Foundation Devices

Hey r/Bitcoin, I’m really excited to share what we’ve been working on. Our goal at Foundation Devices is to build the open hardware layer for Bitcoin and the sovereign Internet – we believe open source software like Bitcoin must run on open source hardware.

Our first product, Passport, is an attempt to make open source beautiful and intuitive. It’s a Bitcoin hardware wallet that makes it easy to store your coins yourself, rather than relying on exchanges like Coinbase. Passport allows you to experience true sovereignty and ownership.

Passport is designed to be elegant; something every Bitcoiner would be proud to carry. We use high quality materials like soft-touch plastic and copper-plated zinc alloy. At 4 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 0.8 inches thin, Passport is comfortable to hold and use.

Passport’s interface is intuitive and familiar, with a simple navigation pad and physical alphanumeric keypad. There’s no need to learn how to navigate the menus and enter PIN numbers and passphrases – you already know how to use Passport.

To sign Bitcoin transactions, simply insert a microSD card or scan a QR code. Passport is already compatible with most popular Bitcoin wallets, including BlueWallet on iOS.

Passport is open source; the circuit board designs and firmware will be published on Github, with hardware licensed under CERN’s Open Hardware License and firmware under GPL3. No unknown code will run on the device.

Completely airgapped, Passport is powered by two AAA batteries and includes no USB port, Bluetooth, or wireless communications of any kind. Passport has numerous security features, such as security lights and an avalanche noise source for entropy. And Passport uses more trustable components, like a screen with circuitry etched directly into glass, which allows for easy inspection at production.

Foundation Devices is headquartered in Boston, and we will proudly assemble Passport and our future products in the USA!

Passport will launch for preorders in August and will ship by late December. We have already received over 800 email reservations for our first edition batch of 1000 units! Reserve yours today at https://foundationdevices.com.

Let me know what questions and criticism you have.

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