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Starfleet 4 — The 7 teams we selected for phase 2 – AE Ventures

After several months of preparation and coordination, our team took off ✈ ️to Bangalore, India to conduct the Genesis Week — one week-long, super-intense boot camp of Starfleet Vol. 4. We started on Monday, March 2 and finished on March 8.

We worked together with IBC Media’s team to create an all-encompassing learning experience for the startups. We delivered a great mentor line-up with experts from all over India including in-house experts from æternity. The startups had a very exhaustive program saturated with top-level lectures and workshops, where the startups had the opportunity to look at their projects from all angles and develop a holistic overview of their value propositions, product development, and presentations.

We have to mention that all 13 startups shortlisted from a pool of 170+ applications, did display huge potential. It was a hard choice, but after the Selection day which was yesterday, we are ready to share with you the 7 teams which will continue the Starfleet program with 4 more weeks of mentoring.

SO here are our winners:

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