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The Bitcoin Foundation is on the move! : Bitcoin

The bitcoin.foundation domain is on the move I assume that this means the renewal for the coming decade is imminent.

The site is hosted in Moscow Russia, Tehran Iran, and Shanghai China which is extremely interesting. Looking at the name server ns1.humanrights.foundation it is mind blowing that someone hosting human rights and Bitcoin related pages in China, Iran and Russia.
Seems that western propaganda from NATO, State Department, Pentagon and the EU in general is broken into little pieces. They the western governments always saying China, Iran and Russia censors “human rights activists” and yet here is this humanrights.foundation and bitcoin.foundation which has not been censored at all.

I also see a website https://humanrights.legal on the same nameserver which contains covenants and conventions related to human rights, basically international human rights law, each of the documents posted there are in force in many countries.

I wonder what is going to happen at bitcoin.foundation and why it is hosted in China, Russia and Iran.

u/memorydealers Do you have any idea about this Bitcoin Foundation? Far as I know you was a founding member the now bankrupt and dissolved Washington D.C. based “The Bitcoin Foundation, Inc”

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