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This is the beginning… : Bitcoin

Weekly chart of BLX, (Bitcoin) Bullish.

We just confirmed breakout from two year resistance since $20K.

Bitcoin halvening recently happened.

USD money printer is going Brrrr… ( collapse )

21 EMA & 50 EMA crossed.

RSI gots a lot of wiggle room for moon.

Stochastic Heat Map shows some hot weather coming soon. ( Good thing )

( Link for this script https://www.tradingview.com/u/Violent/#published-scripts )

If this is truly the start of another bull run, which I believe it is, especially with all the mass adoption picking up with mastercard, Visa, US banks, governments mining it etc… If Bitcoin can do what it did the last bull run, I won’t be surprised to see at least $500,000.

Or maybe it will be valued in Gold instead of USD, since USD is collapsing.

Just my opinion, IDK.

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