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Travala.com Partners With ARK – Business Partnerships

Travala.com Partners With ARK

Crypto travel booking platform Travala.com has announced a partnership with open-source blockchain platform ARK.

The partnership will facilitate the integration of Travala.com to ARK’s proposed MarketSquare project. This agreement results in allowing travel bookings to be made using the ARK native token.

According to reports, Travala.com, prior to its partnership with ARK, already supported a wide range of cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and its native AVA token. Now, it supports ARK. These additions provide users with a wide range of payment options on the platform. The recently integrated ARK token will facilitate easy payments, staking, and custom-made transactions.

Details of the partnership

Speaking on the partnership, Ray Alvarez, strategic partnerships manager at ARK, pointed out that creating simple and easy-to-use blockchain-based solutions is a major goal of ARK. He added that the partnership with Travala.com is a perfect way to operate a community-inclusive platform.

Alvarez furthermore disclosed that the partnership will also encourage the smooth launch of its MarketSquare project, saying that the entire ARK team was “excited to be partnering with Travala.com and give our users more choices when booking their next travel destination.”

Travala.com CEO Juan Otero also disclosed that his team was excited by the partnership. He added that they are actively looking forward to seeing “Travala.com featured on ARK’s upcoming MarketSquare.”

Together, both platforms are focused on creating real-life use cases for cryptocurrencies. This partnership is a plus to both platforms. The travel platform will be listed on the much-anticipated ARK’s MarketSquare marketplace. ARK tokens can now be used to book over the 2.2 million accommodation options offered by Travala.com.

About Travala.com and ARK

Established in 2017, Travala.com is currently the top leading crypto travel booking platform. The company boasts of facilitating booking in about 2.2 million hotels and homes across 230 nations as well as 600 airlines worldwide. The booking platform has entered into strategic partnerships with top firms like Binance, Expedia, Crypto.com, TravelbyBit, and Booking.com. Its native token, AVA, powers the ecosystem and is also used for rewards, bonus, discounts, etc.

ARK, on the other hand, is an open-source blockchain platform that facilitates the easy use of blockchain technology. The platform looks to set the pace for anyone looking to incorporate blockchain tech into their projects.

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